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Improve Your Site's SEO

While there are many SEO practitioners, Karasin PPC offers you a fundamental difference in performance based on best practices & data analysis. Unlike most SEO firms, we do not charge more for services that should always be included. Our flat-rate SEO plan enables businesses of all sizes to get their sites ranked for the most valuable keywords.

Gimmicky marketing tactics do not work when it comes to successful SEO. All too often, you see competitors promising to have you ranked in a day. These results usually last just as long, and often result in your site being penalized for "black hat" SEO practices. Wouldn't you rather have a cost-effective solution to the SEO riddle?

Our strategy is based on the following core truths about SEO:

You Need a Backlink Strategy

One of the most important elements in any SEO strategy is earning quality backlinks. You need a lot of backlinks, but over the years, backlinking has become a quality over quantity game. So what is a quality backlink? Essentially, a quality backlink has 3 major components:

1. The site has a domain authority above 50

2. The link is housed within content relevant to your business

3. The link is not simply anchored by your company name

The third piece is not always within your control, but the other two are. You can see how backlinking is earned through PR, outreach, and other efforts. 

You Need a Content Strategy

Content is important, and strategic creation of website content will help you rank for keywords. You need to understand Google's E-E-A-T formula and apply it to a steady content calendar. The formula breaks down in the following way:

E-Experience: Essentially demonstrating that YOU have had the experience you are writing about. For example, if you are a restoration company, then you should blog about situations in which your company has helped with water damage or fire damage, not simply theoretical pieces about the subjects.

E-Expertise: Go deep into your topic. It does no good to simply have an experience piece written and then not highlight your level of understanding on the topic. A good example is this blog about parenting time from a Wayne County, MI divorce attorney

Authoritativeness: Your combined experience and expertise will create the sense of authority in your content that is required for Google's guidelines. 

Trustworthiness: Reviews, testimonials and other types of social proof can help give your content the trustworthy factor it needs. A well-reviewed website will be seen with more authenticity than one with little to no review activity. 

When your content strategy is laser-focused on these goals, it will help your SEO significantly.

You Need a Keyword Strategy

Keyword strategy is all about nuance. While every shoe retailer wants to be in position 1 when someone Googles "shoes" that isn't really possible, and honestly isn't even desirable. 

Wait, why would I not want to be #1 for "shoes" if I sell shoes?

For one, what does someone want when they put "shoes" in their search bar? We don't know. We DO know that when someone looks for a specific pair of shoes, they have more intention to purchase, which is the real keyword we want to rank for.

Understanding search intent and then optimizing content around it is key to performing better and translating organic performance into sales and leads. 

SEO is a long game, but if played right, you can win. Contact us today for a custom strategy.


We'll walk you through any of our services & answer all of your questions.


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