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Digital Marketing Thought Leadership

Joe Karasin, owner of Karasin PPC is a sought after expert in digital marketing. Media outlets often request to speak with Joe for thoughts on PPC management, SEO, Reddit marketing, and PR. 

Digital marketing thought leadership from Joe Karasin of Karasin PPC.


Joe Karasin speaks with Forbes about the state of paid search and display advertising.

Business Insider

Business Insider tapped Joe Karasin to discuss marketing on Reddit and how brands can use it to grow their presence.

Reddit marketing explained by Joe Karasin of Karasin PPC.

Search Engine Journal

Content marketing is one way to scale your business. Joe Karasin speaks about this with other experts for a round-up from Search Engine Journal.


Recessions are always scary. How can brands ride it out? Joe Karasin spoke with CMSWire about this topic.

PR for busineeses.
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