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Responsive Search Ad Updates

If you have been using Google Ads for the past couple of years, you have probably launched at least one responsive search ad. These are ads that enable you to put up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions in the ad, and machine learning will display the most effective ads in front of the searcher. Check out this to learn more about responsive search ads.

Google has released some new updates to this popular ad type. Below, we’ll discuss the updates in detail and look at how they can impact your business.

The first major update that Google has announced is a feature called location insertion. This enables you to add, dynamically, locations to your ads where your products or services are offered. So, for example, let’s say you are a mortgage broker, licensed in the state of Michigan. You want to localize your ads to make them more relevant. Now, instead of creating a headline that is too general, or spending time putting a bunch of city names in headlines, you can simply insert a tag in the headline and it will populate the city of interest in the search query.

This is a powerful feature for a number of reasons. First, it can help you create more relevant ads. When someone is looking for “x service in y city” your ad can have the city name directly in the headline. It will also save you time and make the ad creation process much more streamlined.

Are you in e-commerce? Do you ever run specials? A new feature Google has unveiled will probably make your ads more effective. The countdown customizer is a new feature that enables you to insert a countdown in your ads.

Let’s say you have a promotion that is running through a holiday weekend. You can simply insert a code into the ad and you’ll have an automatic countdown that is synced with the time zone of the viewer. Pretty cool huh? Another nice feature of the countdowns is that they will display down to minutes and seconds, enabling you to create a real sense of urgency in your responsive search ads.

Another new feature comes in the form of suggestions. Google will now suggest, and have easy drop-downs for, such information as shipping, return policies, and how customers can shop.

This is a great tool, as too often, descriptions and headlines are too short to fit all of the information you need in an ad, while allowing you to write creative and compelling copy with effective CTA’s.

A feature that most marketers have been clamoring for has finally been announced as well. Cross-campaign asset reporting is finally here, and it is really helpful. Imagine being able to see assets in your campaigns and their effectiveness when it comes to consumers. Now, you’ll be able to evaluate the performance of descriptions, which has previously been mostly guesswork. By understanding which assets are leading to conversions, you can now create more effective ads and tailor them to your audience.

These new features are specific to responsive search ads. There are more new features being unveiled for other ad types, and we will be updating those for you soon. If you don’t want to have to keep up with these announcements, you can always speak with an expert. Karasin PPC stays up to date so you can do what you do best.

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