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Welcome To The Future

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

My name is Joe Karasin, and I am here to change the PPC game.

That statement might seem bold. Arrogant even. But if there were ever an industry in need of change, it is the PPC industry. Whether it be Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other paid media, the industry is rife with pretenders. If you're in sales, you want to get quality leads generated at the lowest possible cost. And nearly every time you log on to Facebook or watch a video on YouTube, you're inundated with ads promising "secret formulas" or "silver bullets" that will garner you a million leads that are all guaranteed to buy that very same day.

Do you know why this sounds like BS? Because it is. No one is producing leads like that. No one is doing anything vastly different than the next guy to generate leads. And you know this. You know it because you've attended the webinars. You've downloaded the e-books. You've tried the coaching. And none of it has been any better than the last.

So what am I selling you? Nothing. I am not selling or promising you anything. I am telling you, flat out, that I know how to generate leads and increase brand awareness. And I know how to do it well. And if I am not successful, I'll tell you why. Believe me, it has nothing to do with you. You are not to blame for subpar digital marketing. Coaches will tell you you are. "Gurus" of all stripes will point the finger at you, claiming you didn't follow their program, do all the necessary steps, yada yada yada.

But why should YOU be doing the work? Why should you, in addition to creating the content, be responsible for promoting and pushing it across various channels? And why should you pay someone if you're doing the work? You shouldn't.

That's why I started my own business. I have worked with some of the best marketing companies in the world. I've worked in nearly every vertical imaginable. And I have delivered results.

I have also attempted to start a business like this before, and failed. I failed because I was young (25), didn't understand that performance was the ultimate job security, and didn't have a team with me.

I have built agencies for other people. I have managed budgets in the hundreds of thousands. I have worked in large companies, and I have worked for sole proprietors. I can't think of anything in the industry I haven't done in my decade of experience. I have all the certifications one could ask for. Just ask for them, and I will happily provide them.

I am not a guru. I am not a coach. I don't make wild claims.

My motto is "Solutions. Not Excuses." for a reason. I know you're tired of the excuses. I am too. Let's work together to create a better digital marketing world.

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