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Marketing on Reddit: The Comprehensive Guide

Reddit marketing has become an essential tool for growing your business.

The problem with Reddit marketing is that most brands have no idea where to start. While it might seem like "just another channel", Reddit offers some significant benefits for brands that take the time to use it as a marketing tool, including:

  • Spending power: Reddit users tend to spend more money and have higher average incomes than users of Meta and TikTok.

  • Engagement: Redditors are a more engaged audience, primarily because they declare their interests in the subreddits they join.

  • Ambassadors: Redditors are also more likely to write reviews for brands they have positive experiences with. They are also 4x more likely to share positive feedback with friends, family, or in their other Reddit communities.

With all of that being said, what is holding brands back from using Reddit as a marketing tool for their business? And how can you begin to take advantage of this powerful Web3 tool for your business? We'll discuss all of this in great detail, including case studies, how-to guides and a glossary of Reddit terminology for you to better understand how to use Reddit.

Glossary of Reddit Terminology

Like all social networks, Reddit has its own lexicon. Reddit users use different abbreviations, and the platform itself speaks differently to users. Below are some of the important terms you'll want to understand when marketing on Reddit.

  • AMA: Short for "ask me anything", this is a popular type of activity on Reddit where Redditors (see below) will engage with content creators, celebrities, and experts in various fields. Some people that have hosted a Reddit AMA include: Tom Hanks, Elon Musk and Shaq. AMA's are a great way to encourage engagement with your brand in a meaningful and in-depth way.

  • Awards: You can award posts or comments on Reddit, which can significantly boost your engagement within a subreddit (see below). It is a way to make your upvote (see below) more impactful by adding some flare to the process.

  • Downvote: Remember when Facebook used to have a "dislike" thumbs down option on posts? It was a short lived feature, but Reddit has incorporated it as a way to perform quality control on posts and comments. Downvotes will reduce Karma, so be sure to keep it positive when commenting or posting.

  • Karma: Reddit uses a special reputation score called 'Karma'. Karma is a controversial topic on Reddit, as some subreddits require members to have a minimum Karma score to post or comment on others' posts. You earn Karma via comment and post upvotes.

  • OP: Short for "original poster", the Redditor that started a thread within a subreddit.

  • Redditor: A user of the Reddit platform. Profile will start with "u/" as opposed to "r/". This is a portmanteau of Reddit and editor.

  • Subreddit: A subreddit is a community on the Reddit platform. Essentially, Reddit is a large forum, so a subreddit is a "subset" forum on specific topics. A subreddit will always have a title beginning with "r/" as opposed to "u/".

  • Upvote: Reddit's version of "like". You can upvote comments or posts, which will give the OP Karma.

The terms above are not all-inclusive, but will give you a good starting point to understanding Reddit. Now, we'll talk about the different ways you can effectively market on Reddit.

Reddit Marketing Tactics

Much like every other platform, certain things work better than others. For example, videos that work on Instagram Reels usually don't perform well on TikTok. While the platforms are similar, there are different user profiles on both and certain types of content resonate with TikTok users but not with those on IG and vice versa.

Reddit is no different. There are better and worse ways to promote your business on Reddit, and while a subreddit might feel like the old Facebook Groups, they are not similar at all. In fact, the typical tactics used in Facebook Groups will get you downvoted in most subreddits. So let's look at different ways to master marketing on Reddit.

Content Seeding on Reddit

One very important thing to understand about Reddit is that users are hyper-engaged with the specific topic of their Subreddit. In general, Redditors research topics and investigate products. While it may sound like a challenge to market to an audience like this, it is actually to your benefit. If you are producing quality and useful content, your content seeding within subreddits will be well-received.

What is content seeding on Reddit?

Content seeding on Reddit involves posting useful, relevant content within relevant subreddits. What exactly does this look like? Let's say you are an attorney specializing in bankruptcy. You publish in-depth articles on your website about all different facets of bankruptcy law. It would be perfectly legitimate for you to post your content in a subreddit like r/debt_solutions. It would not be nearly as well-received in a subreddit like r/food.

Best practices for content seeding on Reddit

There are, of course, better and worse ways to seed your content on Reddit. The following are some helpful tips on how to effectively distribute the content you want Redditors to engage with:

  • Don't spam or post too frequently: While your content might be world class and you feel everyone will benefit from it, the truth is they may not care. In fact, over-posting on Reddit will earn you downvotes or cause users to ignore you. A good cadence is to post one new piece of content once a week in any relevant subreddit. Redditors will have no problem looking at your profile to investigate your posting and comment history, as it is publicly displayed. Making this private will only further speculation that you are a bot or spammer.

  • Engage with comments: Be sure to respond to comments on your posts and upvote any neutral or positive comments. Redditors will appreciate the Karma boost and will be more willing to upvote you in return.

  • Don't downvote negative comments: Downvoting can turn into a time suck of arguments. Rather, let the negative comment go and allow other Redditors to do the downvoting for you.

  • Seed in comments: While being the OP is great, sometimes a one-on-one interaction via a comment can be more impactful. A Redditor that asks a question that your content can answer comprehensively will usually appreciate it and crosspost it elsewhere when it makes sense.

Engage With the Subreddit

Not all of your comments or posting should be about your brand. It helps to be encouraging or answer a question in a humble manner. For example, look at the exchange below:

Reddit marketing

The comment is not promotional, and presents in an empathetic way. This is a good way to build your reputation without necessarily mining for Karma or "Karma Farming." This type of engagement will help your Reddit profile obtain a positive reputation with the active members of the subreddit, which will help when you DO post branded content in the community.

Create Your Own Subreddit

Reddit offers you the ability to create and moderate your very own subreddit, fostering a community of those interested in your products or services. This is especially powerful when it comes to e-commerce brands, as building community is a way to develop a captive audience.

How to Grow Your Subreddit

Growing your Reddit community takes patience and effort. For one, it isn't advisable to simply create your Reddit account and then jump into creating a subreddit. Because subreddit discovery is based on activity and relevance, a brand new subreddit might not be discovered by users organically. For example, let's say you're a local real estate agent and you want to build a subreddit to engage members of the community. You might create a subreddit called r/{your town news}. However, there might already be other subreddits created for the town that have members and activity, and these will show up above your subreddit in the search.

Alternatively, you might decide to make the name more branded, such as r/{your name realty}, but this won't be a popular search on Reddit, so being discovered that way won't work either. So what can you do?

Build up your Karma on Reddit before creating a subreddit

Your personal reputation on Reddit will be the main driver for your subreddit's growth. Earlier we discussed building your personal Karma, and there are many ways to do this. As you engage more with fellow Redditors, you will begin to see your reputation in existing and relevant subreddits grow. This is the baseline for ensuring the growth of your subreddit.

Once you are seeing a significant lift in your Karma and begin to have good, meaningful engagements in relevant subreddits, you can begin to ask others to join your community on Reddit. Once you start to see membership increase, you can start using the following tactics to grow your subreddit.

Crosspost other Redditors' content to help grow your subreddit

If you see popular, relevant content in established subreddits, you can crosspost it in your own subreddit in order to increase engagement in your community. Remember, just because the content has been posted in a subreddit your community members also belong to doesn't mean that they have seen it. You can also post it with your own thoughts to put an original spin on the existing content.

Invite popular Redditors to post to grow your Reddit community

If you see great content from someone in a relevant community you belong to, then it might be a great idea to reach out and invite the OP to post in your subreddit. Usually a good outreach looks something like this:

"Hey {u/username} this is a really great post, thanks for sharing. If you have other content you want to share with others that are {into the subreddit topic}, then feel free to post it in {r/your subreddit name}!"

You'll be surprised at how this simple message can help you increase the engagement in your own community.

Don't be sales-y or spammy in your own subreddit

Moderators of subreddits are often misled into thinking that everything they post is valuable or worthwhile. This is not the case. When you are the moderator, you want to encourage discourse and engagement and foster a helpful and positive community.

If you've ever been the member of a local Facebook group, you might be familiar with group moderators that let the 'power' go to their heads. They ban members, post their own business content only, and delete posts they don't like. You do not want to fall into this trap.

Instead, only post content that will genuinely be helpful. How do you know what is helpful content? A good rule of thumb is to look at upvoted and popular content in relevant subreddits and post similar content in yours. You also can answer questions that members ask.

But you might ask "what if someone is looking for a product I sell or a service I offer?". In this instance, it is perfectly acceptable to respond with a link to a relevant page on your site or to a product on your Shopify store.

Have questions or want someone to handle Reddit marketing for your business? Fill out the form below to get Karasin PPC's expertise on your side.

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